Are you someone who does THAT?

Mar 24, 2023

You know that feeling when you’re working towards something and it gets hard? Maybe you’re improving your fitness and you’re getting up early to go to the gym. The first week is pretty easy, the second might feel harder but you’re still doing it. Third week comes around and you’re ignoring your alarm clock. 

This is a perfect example because it ties into my next big goal: walking the 500+ mile Camino de Santiago in Spain starting in April. This morning I was up at 5AM and walking on the trail at 5:40. Do I love this? Well, actually, I do love it but getting up while it’s still dark and I want to stay snuggled in my bed is hard. More than once I’ve ignored my own alarm clock, telling myself missing a day doesn’t matter. Which would be fine if it was just one day, but who are we kidding?

Here’s what gets me out of bed: I remind myself I want to be the person who does THAT

I want to be the person who walks the Camino. And the person who walks the Camino prepares by putting in the miles daily. 

Decide that you are the person who does THAT - whatever that means to you. 

Are you the person who gets on stage and gives a talk to a really big audience? 

Are you the person who ends the year making way more money than you did last year? 

Are you the person who moves her business out of her house and into commercial space? 

Here’s the secret: in order to do something different than before, you have to be / feel / act differently than you have been. 

How does the person taking the stage show up differently? 

What does the person who makes much more money believe about herself in order to feel open to more abundance? 

What does the person who expands her office think that she didn’t think before?  

Try it yourself and finish this sentence: I want to be the person who . . .

Once you have your goal, consider what’s different about that future you and decide you’ll embrace what you must be / feel / do differently in order to say you did THAT.

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