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Adventure Awaits! How to work less and play more while enjoying the success you desire

As busy professionals, it can be easy to prioritize work over play. You have so many things to do!

What if you could change how you work so you can work less and play more while still growing your business?

In this talk, we’ll dive into the Spirit, Strategy and Structure principles that will help you do just that.

This is exactly what I did in order to take two months to walk the Camino de Santiago while still growing my coaching practice.


  • Envision your version of “adventure” - whatever that means to you
  • Learn how to get much-needed support by enrolling your team, clients and loved ones
  • Connect with the version of you who can pull yourself up and out of your business so you operate differently
  • Learn how to leverage systems that you can set & forget, letting them do the heavy lifting behind the scenes so your business needs less of you

You’ll walk out with ways to change how you run your business so you can free up your time and energy to have more FUN!


How to Set Goals You’ll Actually Achieve

A Coast Guard friend once told me that if a ship captain is just one degree off in their planning, they can wind up miles away from where they want to go. It’s the same thing for business owners - if we aren’t clear on our destination and how we’re getting there, we’ll never reach our goals.

In this talk, we’ll dive into a goal-setting process that’s more than simply choosing something you want to achieve. It’s connecting that achievement to who you are and your unique definition of success so that you can’t help but achieve it.

learn how to:

  • Choose goals that support your vision 
  • Craft strategies to keep you on track 
  • Create detailed plans so you know exactly what you’re doing

You’ll walk out excited to dive into the right goals at the right time so your vision for your business (and you as the business owner) comes true.

"It's hard to hit the emotional, touchy-feely stuff while still appealing to the right-brained business owners. Lisa's well-thought-out presentation & exercises helped me organize my thoughts & envision a clear, executable path."

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"Lisa delivers and is a valuable asset to our members."

Cathi Nelson, The Photo Managers


"I very much enjoyed your presentation and thought it was very impactful. For me, one of the most important lessons is taking one step at a time and not allowing myself to get overwhelmed and remember WHY I'm doing this."

Attendee evaluation


"I left with a goal that thrills me. What more could I ask?"

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"I most appreciated how relatable Lisa is. Her style is warm, genuine and honest. I now have a springboard to identify and work with my goals."

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