Bucket List Travel

Jul 30, 2015


For me, the phrase ‘bucket list’ is synonymous with ‘travel’. Every single item on  my bucket list is a destination. Topping the list are:

  • a solo trip to Easter Island
  • hiking Mount Kilimanjaro with my husband
  • the decadence of another solo trip to Venice

Believe me, the list goes on and on.

Post-cancer, I made up my mind that travel is the priority. Lucky me, my husband is right on-board. Our extra money is spent on packing our bags and getting on a plane rather than on a newer car or a bigger house. We don’t want more things, we want more experiences. 

As you read this, I’m probably in Prague right now. Or possibly Vienna. We’re on a trip whose destinations were essentially crowd-sourced. Our original plan was to visit Argentina. Once we realized that their winter weather meant not being able to do everything we wanted, we pivoted. I polled my Facebook peeps and asked “Where should we go on vacation?” The overwhelming response was Prague & Budapest & Vienna. So off we go, adding in Slovakia for good measure.

DÄ›kuji and köszönöm!

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