I am enough

Nov 07, 2015

meditating This morning at yoga class, the instructor suggested a mantra for us to keep in mind:

I am enough. 


This really resonated with me. It made me think about how often I tell myself that I’ll be able to do [fill in the blank with something fun] once I lose weight/clean off my desk/finish my to-do list/etc. As if I have to work hard to deserve something good. Sound familiar?

An age-old struggle is feeling like there are a million things to do before we can feel deserving of something we want. The mantra of I am enough shifted how I can sometimes think, making me realize that, right now, I’m worthy of whatever I want, no work required. This feels so empowering. I found myself smiling every time the instructor said it this morning.

I am enough.

Do you believe that? Keep saying it until you do. Trust me, you’ll get there.

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