The magic of letting go

Apr 28, 2023

Yesterday was a work day for me here on the Camino. It was a blast to have calls with my clients while sitting in the public space of the beautiful parador I’m staying in.

One conversation really struck me. We talked about what it’s like to give up trying to control things and simply allow the experience to unfold the way it wants to. As a control enthusiast this is hard for me. And I see the beauty and the magic that happens when I’m able to do this.

I decided to take a bus recently, and made my way to the station. Once I got there, I had no idea what to do and I couldn’t find anyone to help me. There were two long lines and I wasn’t sure which one to wait on. Part of me regretted not simply taking a taxi, which would’ve been much easier to manage. I could’ve gotten into the car, told the driver my destination and relaxed until we got there. 

Instead, I decided to trust that it would all work out somehow. What happened was so much more beautiful than a cab ride.

When I got to the ticket window, I showed the agent the printed schedule I had that showed a bus at 1:00. Turns out, the woman standing next to the ticket window was the bus driver. She mimed driving a bus, pointed at me then pointed at her. After I bought my ticket, she placed her hand on my arm and guided me to stand next to her. Like a mother hen taking a chick under her wing. 

As we made our way through the station, an elderly woman asked her a question, and she wound up joining our little group. The driver led us through the crowded parking lot like the Pied Piper. Occasionally she’d look back to make sure I was following and I’d look back to make sure the other passenger was following.

Once we got on the bus, we took off immediately, which was a little worrying since the bus I planned to take didn’t leave until later. I took a deep breath and decided to keep trusting - I was on this moving bus and everything was in the hands of the driver. 

As we got closer, I saw the signs for the town I wanted. The elderly passenger got my attention and pointed them out. She smiled and called me pelegrina - meaning pilgrim which is what all of us walkers are.

As I was getting off, the driver made sure I knew which direction to walk. After getting my bag out of the hold, I walked back to say goodbye and received a lovely goodbye in return (plus another stream of Spanish/miming to make sure I knew the way). 

I realized later that this bus made no sense - it wasn’t on the schedule and it took twice as long to get there as the schedule said it should. Yet it was one of the best transportation experiences I’ve had. I got to where I wanted to go and I was cared for along the way. Controlling the situation by taking a taxi would’ve gotten me there, but I wouldn’t have this wonderful memory.   

I’m using this as a reminder to trust and let go and allow. Which won’t always be easy and will always be worth it. 

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