Advice I wish I’d followed

Feb 29, 2024

Hi. My name is Lisa Corrado and I fell off the face of the earth for a little bit. 

Despite the deep & abiding love I have for writing these email newsletters, I paused for a bit. Probably for enough time that those of you who are new to this mailing list might be wondering Who are you and why shouldn't I just hit Unsubscribe right now? 

Fair, totally fair. 

Hi, I’m Lisa and I help small business owners like you simplify your success so you can work less and play more while still growing the business you love. Remember me? 😁

My promise is that I will help you leverage structure & support so you can run your business from wherever you are and have more time for play/travel/napping/whatever you want.

Here’s the deal: sometimes I don’t take my own advice as much as I could. 

Can you relate to that? 

The past two months I’ve been mind-bogglingly-busy with weeks of travel; running a retreat; getting flat-on-my-back sick; and, in a surprise to all involved, buying a house in Boulder, Colorado. (I’m not wildly impulsive, we just didn't plan to do that last bit until much later this year.) 

If I followed my own advice, my business would be firing on all cylinders despite pouring my time & energy into so many other things. 

Right now it’s firing on probably 65% of the cylinders (however many that is). So I’m playing catch-up, which is not the best way to spend my time. 

Lesson learned: the time & energy we spend setting ourselves up for success comes back in multitudes. It is always, always worth it. 

The first step to amplifying your life is simplifying your day.

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