Decisions turn into dreams

May 24, 2024

October 16, 2023 was a weird day. 

It started with a beautiful morning walk in Boulder, so beautiful that I made a decisionI’m moving to Boulder. The power of it stopped me in my tracks, giving me a moment to breathe and realize, Oh yes, I am moving to Boulder. I felt joy bubble up inside. I didn’t have a clue what this would look like and that didn’t matter. I knew I would move to Boulder. 

Five minutes later my husband called to tell me he had been laid off. 

As he filled me in on the details, I got angry. Angry because of his loss, at how it was handled, and, if we’re being honest, at how it would torpedo my brand-new plans. Sadness followed anger and I stopped to sit on a park bench and cry. 

Later that day, I went for an even longer walk and wandered back into a Tibetan gallery I’d visited the day before. The owner, Tenzen, greeted me and we chatted. Before long, I found myself pouring out the whole story of how I really wanted to be in Boulder but now I didn’t see how. Tenzen is EXACTLY the person you want to tell a sob story to - he’s very kind and an excellent listener.

When I finished, he told me his story. Of how he lost his lease in a building he loved, surrounded by businesses he loved. Of how the pandemic hit and things seemed dire. Until he learned about an empty storefront a few blocks away and he inquired. By the end of the story, he'd gathered others together to invest in the entire building and now his gallery spreads gloriously through a much larger space that he owns. He ended with Lisa, when one door closes, many more can open. 

Here’s my NEW story: it took a while, but it finally occurred to us that if my husband didn’t have to work in NYC every day, we could live somewhere else. In January, we visited Boulder again on an exploratory trip to scout out where we wanted to focus our future (waaaaay in the future) house hunting. The Universe had other plans about the timing and immediately offered up a house in a dream location with lots of opportunity to make it our own. 

Five months after I made the decision to move to Boulder, I closed on my new home.

Yesterday I saw Tenzen for the first time since October. I started to remind him about our connection, and he said YES! I remember you! Look what you’ve been able to do! As a welcome to our shared city, he gave me a string of Tibetan flags to hang in my new house. 💜

Here’s the takeaway: making powerful decisions leads you to powerful results. I have example after example of this (including this story I shared recently).  

Powerful decision making is a key part of my abundance framework. It leads you to outcomes that are so much bigger & richer than you can even believe.  

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