Doesn’t get better by chance . . .

May 18, 2019

How many things do you put off until you have more time? Or until the planets align? Or you’re better rested? Or [insert your own excuse here]? A lot, right? Yup, me too.

It’s always a great reminder that there’s ideal and then there’s what we’re actually able to do at any given time.

I learned this gem when I was in grad school. One of my professors said that when working with clients, we’ll have a long list of behavior changes we’ll encourage them to make. In reality, it’ll be a much shorter list of what our clients are willing & able to do at that particular time. So we have to meet our clients where they are rather than suggesting change that just won’t happen at that time.

It was this reminder that got me on the treadmill for a twenty minute walk this week, rather than saying – oh, twenty minutes isn’t enough – I’ll work out when I have more time.

I never have more time – it just doesn’t exist! I have to make the best use of what I do have, and sometimes that means only 20 minutes on the treadmill. Some is better than none!

What excuses are you using to get in the way of change?

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