Don't Look At Your Feet

Jun 21, 2024

I was in a meeting recently and one of the participants told us about something she’s working really hard on. While we cheered her on, another woman said Don’t forget to focus on the fun. 

She meant if you only focus on the details and how hard it is, it makes things harder. When you focus on the fun, you’ll have a much better experience (and outcome). 

I love everything about this - focusing on the fun makes a huge difference!

Once I heard this, I flashed back to a time I attended a wedding in Italy. Talk about fun! We really had a blast. 

But the fun came to a screeching halt once I started dancing with my friend's brother. Let’s call him Aldo.

You should know that Aldo is a very good dancer and that I am not. Get a glass of wine in me, and you’ll have to pull me off the dance floor. But I’ve never gotten the hang of the kind of dancing where one of the couple leads and the other follows gracefully. Which is what we were doing. 

I struggled. I couldn’t follow his lead and I kept putting my feet right where his feet went. Fun? Nope, this was actually really painful. 

So I looked down at my feet, hoping that would make a difference. Things got worse from there. Focusing on what I wasn’t doing right didn’t magically help me. I’m as shocked as you are. 😁

Finally I decided it couldn't possibly get any worse if I looked up, so I did.

And everything changed.

I started to really enjoy myself. I got to smile at the nice person I was dancing with. As he spun me around the room, I saw smiles and joy on the faces of everyone else. 

AND  . . . . I wound up dancing much better. No more painful foot crunching - it was like my feet suddenly learned how to two-step.

Once I got out of my head and allowed myself to focus on the fun, everything changed. 

Take some advice from a not-great (but wildly enthusiastic) dancer: don't look at your feet. Focus on the fun, keep your head up and really enjoy the experience. You'll have a much different outcome. I promise.

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