Have the confidence to do less

Oct 11, 2019

As anyone who’s tackled something new & big knows, it can be daunting. Will you be good at it? Will people like it? Will you look stupid? Will you succeed?

This is especially true when you run your own business, asking clients for money in exchange for what you’re offering.

One way we make ourselves feel more comfortable is to pack too much into whatever it is we’re doing. I call it the Gramma Fletcher principle, in honor of (you guessed it) my Gramma Fletcher. She was a prolific cook & baker and every meal included enough to feed at least double the people she expected. She’s not around for me to ask, but I’m guessing that it made her feel more comfortable to know that even if her guests didn’t absolutely love her food, at least they wouldn’t leave hungry.

I’ve done this same thing myself, adding more and more to an event or program to make it seem more valuable to the attendees (and make myself feel like at least I won’t run out things to do). Exactly 100% of the time, I don’t need the extra components I’ve dreamed up.

Good example: the first time I ran a mastermind coaching group, I included an entire set of exercises designed to help participants “reach their summit”. You know what they actually wanted? The core offering of being together as a group as they discussed challenges and brainstormed solutions. That extra layer I threw in to make myself feel like it was worth what they paid wasn’t why they were there at all and I let it go.

The more we do something over and over, embodying it and making it part of who we are, the more confidence we can have that it’s enough on its own.

How is this true for you? And how are you padding what you have to offer to make it seem more valuable? Perhaps it’s enough just as it is.

The first step to amplifying your life is simplifying your day.

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