How to stand out in a noisy world

Mar 08, 2024

As a small business owner, you probably spend a lot of time marketing, promoting, and getting your message out there. In order for you to get new business, people need to see you. Your message is the signal you put out into the world. 

Here's the deal: it’s vital, nay, imperative to send the right message. It’s the difference between soaring and just getting by. Between loving what you do (and who you do it with) and just accepting whatever comes your way. 

It’s make or break for your business. 

How do you do that? Embody your message.

Like all of my favorite explanations, this one is simple. Embodiment is walking your talk. It’s the gorgeous alignment of what you say and what you do. It’s YOU being YOU!

Simple, yet not always easy. In a noisy world where it’s tempting to compare ourselves to others, it may be challenging to be fully yourself. It may not feel awesome to show others who you really are. It asks you to truly know yourself and show up as the person who does what she preaches, even when it’s not easy or fun.

In my coaching group, we’re talking about embodiment this month. I’m encouraging each woman to take a look at what her outgoing message/promise is, and also how fully she’s living that message. 

For example, one of my promises to my clients is: I’ll help you simplify how you run your business so that you have more time & energy for whatever else you want. In my case, it’s travel and exploration. So I show them how I’ve set things up to be able to work from Connecticut or Colorado or Spain (or wherever). I still get to have a growing business that serves them fully while satisfying my desire for travel. And I show it all - they know it’s not always easy for me. They’ve seen my low points as well as my triumphs. 

The key here is I’m showing them, not just telling them. My actions match my words. I’m doing what I say is possible and giving them an example to follow.

Your turn: what’s the message you’re conveying to the world? What are the promises you’re making to your clients? How are you embodying what you say? The time you spend diving into this will pay off exponentially. There’s nothing like aligning your business with who you are - everything is easier, more joyful and fulfilling. Who doesn’t want that? 😃

The first step to amplifying your life is simplifying your day.

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