My training secret weapon

Apr 06, 2023

Four more sleeps until I leave to walk the Camino de Santiago! 

Am I ready? Yes. No. Kind of. My answer changes depending upon how I'm feeling at that moment.

One challenge I'm facing is physical pain in my body, especially in my feet. Almost by accident, I figured out something that always makes my body feel better. 

Being with other people. 

Isn't that weird? I thought I'd say arnica gel or massage or a stiff drink. And yet, it's being with other people. 

Two situations made this so clear to me. The first time, I was walking in the park and met up with three others I regularly see (plus a dog - bonus!). We spent some time chatting before I walked on. I noticed that my foot didn't hurt as much as it did right before. 

The second time was a Zoom call I had with my exuberant and hilarious friend Cheryl Knowlton, when she interviewed me for her podcast Magnifying Brilliance (check out the episode here). We laughed almost the entire time, capturing a lot of it on tape. Right after that, I went for a training walk and had absolutely zero pain.

One of my coaches observes that I get my energy from "out there" - by focusing on connecting with others. That helps tune my nervous system, which impacts all the moving parts. In the past, I would've sworn I was more introverted, but I'm really not. My plan while on the Camino is to connect with people daily and enjoy the energy we create together. 

I also felt this during the Breakthrough Retreat I held earlier this week. Everyone made strong connections with one another while diving into magic that elevates them as the business owner. Everything felt easier: the deep inner work, choosing the most important priorities, crafting 3-month plans, and so on.

What's your secret weapon is for energizing yourself? Be open to it seeming unusual - because if it works, it works!

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