Pandemic Secret Weapon

Apr 03, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. It’s not just the whole pandemic situation, I realize it’s more than that. It’s my expectations of what I’ll accomplish during this time. I’m hearing something similar from others as well.

First of all, there’s the work (personal and professional) that we already have to do. Some of that has gotten a heckuva lot harder, like grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is a whole thing right now, isn’t it? It can easily take me 3 hours to suit up, head out, do the actual shopping while trying to avoid everyone around me, bring it all home and wipe it all down. And then wash my hands for about an hour after stripping off my clothes for the laundry.

On top of all that, I’ve outlined a long list of other projects, like clean out the guest room and the laundry room, go through my file cabinets, and so on and so on. Somehow I expect myself to accomplish all of that. Does this sound familiar?

No matter what we’re doing, it’s complicated by this big black cloud of the unknown hanging over us. Most people I’ve spoken with have mentioned some version of feeling a lack of focus, of not being able to concentrate. Which I think is perfectly normal right now.

So here’s my secret weaponI’m giving myself permission. I have permission to let go of all those new projects. Permission to need more time to do the things that really need to be done (like that grocery shopping and writing this piece). And permission to rest as needed.

What do you need permission to do or not do? If you’re struggling to give yourself that grace, let me know. Happy to grant you the permission you definitely deserve right now!

Take good care of yourself and remember, you can do this.


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