Progress happens when it’s hard

Jun 26, 2020

Thanks to live-streaming, I’ve been keeping up with my trainer’s workouts. During one last week, I was deep into it when he said something that made so much sense:

Progress happens when it’s hard.

Whoa. This means that in order to see progress, you have to work past the point where you’re comfortable. Once you’re pushing yourself harder than before, you’re in a new zone. This is where all the growth happens.

I’ve kept this phrase in my mind throughout my workouts. When I feel like letting up, I remind myself that progress is important to me and I push forward.

You can apply this phrase to your business too. It’s been a challenging time, and I also feel the energy shift of people ready to create momentum. If that’s you, remind yourself that while it may feel hard to move as fast and as forward as you want, it’s the only way to make progress.

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