📣Shouting from the rooftops! 📣

Jun 30, 2022

You ever get so excited about something you want to shout it from the rooftops? Me too! 😄

I just had the most amazing 3 days with an inspiring group of business owners as we came together for my Better Than Ever Breakthrough Retreat. It led to some spectacular results! 

Here's what the participants said:

  • Having 3 days with Lisa allowed me to come out of the experience with a detailed plan that I can follow to easily achieve the goals I have set for the next quarter.
  • This retreat came at just the right time for me both personally and professionally. 
  • The exercises and workflow of this retreat were well-designed and truly impactful. 
  • To be able to spend 3 days away from the noise and distractions of my work/home was priceless. I was able to make realistic goals and plans for my business and personal life. 
  • Having the insight from not only Lisa but other business owners was especially helpful when  processing and planning.

It was 3 magical days of being together, diving deep, connecting with what's important and using that to craft action plans. What we created together makes each person's business more joyful, fulfilling, impactful and lucrative. 

My next Breakthrough Retreat is in October.

If you're curious about how this will help make your business better than ever, click here to book a call. 

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