☀️Summer FUN ☀️

Aug 05, 2022

 Summer seems to be the time of year that everyone grants themselves permission to slack off a little, to get out and enjoy the sunshine, hit the beach and so on. It’s like we’re reaching back to when we were kids with months spread out in front of us just waiting to be enjoyed. Back then, summer seemed like an endless paradise of playing outside all day, swimming in the lake after dinner and sweet slumber filled with happy dreams of the next day.  

The older I get, the faster summer flies by. Am I right or am I RIGHT? I don’t want to miss a moment, so I create a Summer Fun List. It’s like an antidote to the To-Do list – because only fun things are allowed on it. 

Here are some of the things I’ll be doing this summer:

☼  Travel to Europe for a wedding in Italy

☼  Dinners al fresco –  I love walking up to our little downtown, finding a seat at Cava Wine Bar and enjoying a leisurely meal

☼  Lunch at The Lobster Shack (East Haven, CT) –  as often as possible

☼  Cones from Gelatissimo – okay, I’ve got a lot of food-related items on this list 

☼  Complete a 500-mile virtual challenge that I started last November using the Conqueror app

☼  Play! Golf, badminton, Octordle, with dogs – I think I walk in the park solely to play with other people’s dogs

☼  Read  Read  Read  Read – currently loving Wild and Wicked Things by Francesca May

☼  Time with friends

Stop what you’re doing and create your own Summer Fun List right now. I’ve made it super-easy: click here to download a template you can customize with whatever is fun for you. Print it out and keep it where you can see it so you don’t let all the stuff you have to do keep you from the fun stuff.

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