The exact definition of success

Oct 28, 2021

 Who knows the exact definition of success? You. 

No matter what the dictionary or social media tells you - you get to decide what success is and what’s exactly right for you. 

I was thinking about this after speaking with a client recently. As she structures her business for the future, she realized that "bigger is better" just doesn't work for her. What she wants is a creative environment where she serves the right number of happy clients and has space for her personal life. 

Sounds good to me. 

Many business owners automatically go down the "GROW GROW GROW" path, but that doesn't necessarily take into account what's most important to you. For example, if strong, long-term relationships with your clients is an important value, you'd want to slow down and nurture those relationships. That's not always easy when all of the marketing buzz around you says "MORE MONEY / CLIENTS / STRESS IS BETTER THAN ANYTHING!"

Years ago when I left corporate to start my own business, I worked with SCORE to help me get started. When they recommended I write a business plan, I came back with a single line: I want to like my day

Sounds silly? Not to me. I was escaping a lucrative but toxic career that while it paid well, had me so stressed out that I spent my lunch hours lying on the floor of my office, gazing up at the ceiling and trying to soothe the pain in my stomach. Most definitely NOT my definition of success. 

I knew if I built a business doing what I love, I'd be healthier & happier. That’s what I needed more than anything. Does that mean I can't make money? Of course not. I love making money and I've learned that doing something I'm passionate about makes it much easier to earn those dollars. My definition of success is choosing what I do and who I work with daily. 

The first step to amplifying your life is simplifying your day.

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