The Freedom of Less

Jul 07, 2023

I just returned from speaking at the Superstar Summit in Miami. I had a blast sharing a new talk I’ve crafted about the impact walking the Camino is having on my business. 

One of the biggest challenges I faced while getting ready for this trip was deciding what to pack. Since I had to carry everything in my backpack, I was very mindful of how much I included. Before I even left, I ruthlessly cut some items because they didn’t seem worth their weight. 

In my pack were two hiking outfits. Just two outfits that made up the majority of my wardrobe for two months.  

At first this seemed a little weird. And really boring. Especially once I realized there was one pair of pants I preferred and started wearing those every day. 

Soon I started to appreciate having fewer choices. It made things so much simpler and easier. It saved so much time. It saved so much thinking. Which freed me up to pay even more attention to the journey I was on. Having less was absolutely liberating. 

After I finished my talk in Miami, several audience members came up to tell me how this idea impacted them. I could see them making connections to simplifying things in their own lives, including their businesses. 

When you make things simpler for yourself, you’re free from the weight of the unnecessary and less important. You have headspace and bandwidth to focus on what’s truly important and what you truly love to do. And you’re able to do those things even better than before.

“Simplify” is the mantra I share with clients all the time. It’s the theme of the retreat I’m hosting next week. It’s the difference between running a business that you love and that business running you. It may even be my next tattoo. 😆

Where can you simplify in your business and your life? It takes some getting used to, but it’s a million percent worth it.

The first step to amplifying your life is simplifying your day.

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