The real reason you put your oxygen mask on first

Apr 05, 2024

You’ve heard it on airplanes: Put your oxygen mask on first before helping others. 

In the personal development world, this has morphed into: Put your mask on first so that you can help others.

I’m not a fan of that last part. It sounds like the only reason for you to receive oxygen is to help other people. 

The real reason you put your mask on first is so you can breathe. 

That’s it - so you can breathe better as you make your way through whatever you’re making your way through. You don’t have to earn that oxygen by helping others. 

And if you’re someone who more easily helps others at your own expense, it’s a great time to get comfy with helping yourself. 

Along those lines, I’ve picked a theme for my quarter. Which makes it sound like it’s going to be business-related, but not this time. 

My theme is 💕Devotion to Self 💕

I recently returned from my coach’s retreat with the realization that I don’t honor myself as much as I’d like (and certainly not nearly as much as I honor commitments to other people). I’ll make plans to support my personal well-being and then happily drop those plans when something more compelling or fun or easy pops up. The current result is ongoing health annoyances, a body I don’t recognize and much less ease doing my favorite activities. 

So my focus is devotion to self. Doing new things that will help me become healthier, fitter & stronger. 

And, yes, that will help me help others more, including in my business. But that’s secondary. 

Are you willing to put your oxygen mask on for yourself? Do you have a theme for your quarter? I’d love to hear all about it - hit reply and let me know.  

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