Walking and working

Apr 21, 2023

Did you know I’m still working while I walk the Camino? 

Yep, it’s true. I decided that rather than put it all on-hold for two months, I wanted to stay connected with my clients and continue to support them. I also want my business to continue to grow while I’m gone. Because why not? 

How is this possible? Structure. Support. Spirit. 

I’ve put a ton of Structure in place. I’m leveraging systems and processes to keep things running smoothly. Technology lets us maintain things like calls with my clients, invoices, sales conversations, newsletters, and social media. I’ve also laid the groundwork ahead of time so we have a process to seek out speaking & podcast opportunities.

Support is a big part of this. There are some beautiful people who’ve agreed to help me while I’m gone. People like my virtual assistant Alisa who’s the backbone to my business. Peeps who’ve agreed to facilitate my group coaching calls. Clients who tell me they’re completely on-board with this. YOU - you amazing readers who keep sending me positive notes. 

Spirit is the last part. Last and definitely not least. I made the decision I could go away for two months and that all of this would work beautifully. I believe I’m someone who can do this. I have ways to keep myself going when it gets hard and things go sideways. 

No matter what you’re working toward, if you have these three elements solidly in place, you’ve set yourself up beautifully for success.

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