What are you leaving behind?

Jun 05, 2020

It’s time to get ready for your trip. Despite travel restrictions, you’re definitely taking this one. We all are, actually, because it’s a trip into the future.

Lately I’ve been speaking with groups about creating a re-entry plan as we make our way into our new reality. To me, it no longer feels like a time to cloister, but a time to move forward. A time to explore possibility and find your opportunities.

In these talks, we’ve compared heading out into the future to taking a trip. Since all trips required packing, we’ve had great discussions on what comes with us. Even more important than what you’re bringing? What you’re not bringing.

What isn’t coming with you into your future? What are you leaving behind? It could be aspects of your business you’ve wanted to change, like paring down your offerings or narrowing your niche. You could take a good hard look at how you spend your time, cutting out tasks or delegating them so you can focus on more important work. Maybe you’ve had to make some tough decisions on how you spend your money, and you realize those cuts are working well for you.

It’s a really good time to leave behind limiting beliefs and habits that sabotage your success.

As you make your packing list, be sure to also make your not packing list. You don’t want an overstuffed suitcase weighing you down. You want to be nimble, traveling lightly so you can take advantage of all the opportunities ahead of you. Take it from this traveler: less is definitely more.

Could you use some support with this? How about a Re-Entry Plan Assessment. We’ll use this time to review how you’re moving forward right now and what your next steps are. There’s no charge for this call and you can schedule yours by clicking here.

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