What do you do with an idea?

Feb 24, 2022

 Inspired by What Do You Do With An Idea? by Kobi Yamada

Two years ago, I had an idea. An idea to create a new group for my clients called Better Than Ever. So I did and launched it out into the world in the middle of 2020. 

Turns out, not many people were feeling better than ever at that time and this group was what we might generously call ‘intimately-sized’. It didn’t feel light & airy & powerful as I’d hoped. It felt hard & struggly & not a great use of the participants’ time. Frankly, I was crushed. 

So I put my idea away and decided to not think about it. Because thinking about it made me feel like I failed. I told myself I’m just not good at launching groups. 

But my idea had its own ideas. 

My idea didn’t feel like a failure - it felt strong & sparkly & ready to create change in the world. It nudged me from time to time, saying “Hey - remember me? Can you let me out to play?”

I wanted nothing to do with my idea. Nothing. Until . . . 

Until I met a coach who loved my idea and encouraged me to share it again. She could see all of the possibilities that my idea wanted to create for everyone I work with. 

So I opened the box where my idea was hidden away and gave it a good look. I realized I love my idea. Quoting Kobi Yamada:

I decided to protect it, to care for it. I fed it good food. I worked with it, I played with it. But most of all, I gave it my attention. 

I built it a new house, one with an open roof where it could look up at the stars - a place where it could be safe to dream.

I thought of all of the different ways I could be generous with how I support my clients, and added everything I could think of. My idea grew bigger and shinier and healthier. I was afraid to share it, because I didn’t want to fail again. But my idea grew so big, I couldn’t keep it quiet any longer. I took a deep breath and released it. 

Like letting go of a balloon, I allowed my idea to float out into the world. As it flew up into the sky, it looked back at me and smiled. And flew even higher.

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