When one horse shows up, you feed it

Aug 12, 2022

This morning we had one of our regular meetings for my coaching group. Thanks to vacations and illness, only one of the members was able to attend. As we settled into the call, that one member suggested we skip today because it was only the two of us. I had a great exercise planned and wouldn’t it be better if we waited until everyone could join us? 

I’ll admit, that was pretty tempting. I have big love for unexpected free time, to the point that I will often say a little prayer that whoever I have plans with cancels on me. That’s not weird, right? 

And now I was looking into the eyes of ninety minutes I could use for something else. So, so tempting . . .

But that’s not the standard I’m holding for myself and this group. The standard is we meet every other week, whether or not it’s the full group. Whether or not I’m traveling - the only thing that’s kept me from this meeting is utter lack of cell service/WiFi while traveling in the middle of nowhere. The meeting happens, even if it’s just one other person. 

As a wise friend of mine once said “When one horse shows up, you feed it.”

Pushing aside the siren song of free time, I said let’s have fun doing this together. We record the calls, so the rest of the group will be able to watch it later. 

This call wound up being the highlight of my day. It was an awesome exercise for me and was exactly what the other person needed to help her with something she’s working on. Plus I got to spend time with someone I really enjoy. Win Win Win Win!

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