You can’t control this

Feb 03, 2023


Think about goals you’ve set for your business, like “I will gain 10 new clients” or “I will increase my revenue by 25%”. Great goals, right? 

Here’s the thing: those aren’t goals, they’re outcomes. They’re what’ll happen when you take a specific action. 

A + B + C (your action) = D (the resulting outcomes)

You can’t control the outcomes. Thinking you can places your focus on the wrong part of this equation. 

What you can control is how you get to the desired outcomes. 

Here’s an example:

When you’re on a sales call with a potential client, your goal might seem like enrolling them into your service. But you can’t actually make them pay you (unless you reach into their purse and take their wallet, which I really don’t recommend). 😁 Deciding to enroll and pay is up to them. 

Instead, your goal is to do an awesome job with all of the steps leading up to it. Those steps are completely within your control. 

The photo above shows my process: 

  1. I create my offers with great energy. 
  2. I invite the right people in with generosity & love. 
  3. I’ll offer payment options without dropping the value.

And that’s it. Once I’ve invited someone in, the ball is in her court. She’s the one deciding if I enroll a new client. Her decision is my outcome.

The reason this works so well is because once you know the steps you’ll have to take, you know that doing them enough times will give you the results you want. All you have to focus on is taking these steps. That’s it. 

What I love about this is it takes the pressure off you. It keeps you from believing you can jump right to the outcome and that if you don’t achieve that, you’ve failed. If you’re happy with how you’re taking the right action, then you’ve won.

Take a nice look at what you’re working toward to see where you’re placing your energy. Allows yourself to focus on the parts within your control and let the rest play out as it will. You’ll feel much better, I promise. And, really, it’s the only way. 

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