You can't want it more than they do

Jan 13, 2022

Years ago I ran a nutrition practice. I knew my stuff and I loved working with people to help them get healthier and reach their goals.

Once in awhile I'd work with someone who simply didn't take action. They'd show up for each appointment, pay my fees, and nod their head when we discussed potential action steps. Then the following week they'd come to my office and report that they hadn't done anything.

So I'd double-down on trying to help them. I'd offer even more solutions and exercises and research and anything I could think of that would help them reach their goal. Still, no action on their part.

It finally hit me one day: I can't want it more than they do. If I'm the one doing all of the work to create change for them, it ain't never gonna happen. That was the turning point that allowed me to release clients who showed up this way, asking them to return when they were ready to act.

I thought of this when I read my friend Maryanne's newsletter this week. Maryanne runs Courageous Communications where she helps nonprofits raise more money.

In her newsletter, she dropped a gorgeous truth bomb:

It is not your job to make people care about your nonprofit. 

In my experience, what makes marketing and fundraising hard is because we are trying to make people care or not accepting when they don't care. 

It is your job to attract like-minded people who share a passion and vision.


Wish I had read this all those years ago when I was trying to get inactive clients to care about their own health issues.

Take a good look at where you might be working too hard to make someone care about what you do, and shift all of that energy to those who already love you. Lavish them with your attention and they'll become amazing clients who take action and get results. Bazaam!

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