You’re doing a great job

Apr 24, 2020

I wanted to let you know: You’re doing an amazing job right now.

I see you working so hard to keep it together. To feed yourself and your family. To run your business while staying socially distant. To not drink all the wine and eat all the chocolate. To keep your wits about you while it seems like the world is falling apart.

You’re doing a great job.

I’m taking comfort right now in this quote. It initially took me a little while to cozy up to it, but now it makes so much sense.

It reminds me that what while what I’m working toward may be hard to get to, it’s important. Worth the effort. And that I’m a warrior.

Right now, I think you could easily replace the word “inconvenient” with scary, exhausting, frightening and it still holds.

Years ago, I hiked Mount Kilimanjaro. It was frightening and exhausting and hardly convenient. One of our guides had a useful trick – whenever we got to a particularly scary part of the hike, he’d yell Keep Moving! That always startled us out of our heads and into action. You’re doing a great job. Keep moving.

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