Yup, that's my goal

Dec 15, 2023

At the gym this morning, I declared that my next big physical goal is to do a pull-up. A single pull-up, unassisted.

One of my friends found this hilarious. He said: You’ve climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. You’ve walked across Spain. And now one pull-up is your next big goal?

Yup. And here’s why.

Being able to do a pull-up will take an enormous amount of training for me. It involves losing weight (so there’s less of me to pull up) and strengthening muscles I don’t use nearly as much as others (like my really strong legs). It’ll take a new mindset - I’ll step into the version of me who can do a pull-up despite a complete lack of previous success.

And oh, how I’ve tried! The first time I set this goal was right after I finished chemotherapy. I was so OVER not being able to use my body like I wanted to - feeling weak and tired and like all of my cells were spinning crazily. The hospital referred me to their fitness center and one of their trainers. I immediately declared I wanted to be able to do pull-ups. And bless that trainer’s heart - he launched me right into trying it. Which was a terrible idea because I hurt myself on the first attempt and had to start physical therapy. Turns out, I had a lot of healing & recovering to do before I could attempt a fancy new goal.

It’s a different day. I work with a different trainer. The me who will do a pull-up will be so different than the current me. And I can’t wait to be her.

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