They say we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.
Are you happy with your average?

Are you surrounded by high-achievers?

Does your gang inspire you to dream bigger?

Do you have a squad that’s there for you in good times and bad?

If you’re a woman who owns a small business and you're ready for more success, keep reading. 

The Inner Circle is a coaching group filled with high-performing small business owners and entrepreneurs. I created it so that women can get support to grow their businesses as well as feel more fulfilled as business owners.

Together we mastermind, brainstorm, learn, expand, plan, support and have fun.

This is the most comprehensive program that I have ever offered.

Members enjoy
- Unlimited one-on-one coaching
- Twice-monthly group meetings 
- Breakthrough Retreats

The IC is curated so that connections are deep and meaningful. 

Interested? Let’s have a call to discuss if this is the right support for you.

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