Time to simplify

Mar 17, 2023

Last year I polled my clients because I wanted to know how they describe what it’s like to work with me. I got the most delightfully unexpected answers. 

Given that I’m a business coach, I wasn’t surprised at the responses that mentioned increased revenue, more clients and better systems. 

Then things got really interesting …

Almost all of my clients said they appreciate how calm I am and how I help instill a sense of calm in them. This helps them show up more confidently as a business owner, which then helps them accomplish more. I read the word “calm” so frequently that I wondered if I should promise it as a deliverable! 

It got me thinking about how I present myself as a coach. For a few years, my promise was “Better Than Ever!”, meaning working together, we’ll make you and your business better than ever. Which was everything so many of us craved coming out of the pandemic. 

As much as I loved that promise, I didn’t love the energy of it. It felt too LOUD and IN YOUR FACE, like I was yelling to people all day long. It didn’t feel like me

It took feedback from my clients to remind me that I am very calm and that’s the energy I operate from. I’ve experienced quite a bit of chaos throughout my life, and being calm has always served me. In a past career, I worked as a line cook in a restaurant and I spent 12 - 14 hours a day surrounded by fire and knives and waiters screaming at me in Italian. Staying calm always carried me through. 

Which made me wonder: how does being calm actually help the people I work with? The word that popped into my head, almost effortlessly, was SIMPLIFY. 

That’s exactly what I do with my clients. I help them simplify whatever they want to achieve. 

As business owners, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed because there’s so much that wants your attention all the time, right? Where do you start, what do you work on, what gets your precious energy? Often it feels like a big tangled ball of yarn. You know you want to get it all straightened out, but starting feels impossible. That’s where my super powers come in - I love to see your big picture and then find the end of the yarn, which is where we start. No matter what you want to accomplish, we can find the pathway and map out the steps to get you there. 

All of this is a really long way of saying: I’ve re-branded. While of course one of my motivations is to help you be better than ever (why else would you work with me?) the focus is on how we’re doing it. We’re simplifying your success, making anything you want to do easier. And we’re doing it calmly so there’s no feeling of angst or panic. 

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You deserve to feel calm & confident in whatever you do. That's my wish for you. 

The first step to amplifying your life is simplifying your day.

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