Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?  

Camino de Santiago

 September 16 - 26, 2025 


This is a journey in more ways than one. 

It's a rich, comprehensive experience that will help you create transformation that lasts far beyond our time together. 

Who you are now and who you’re becoming.

How to bring more adventure into your life. 

Valuable, much-needed structure & support to help you make your adventurous dreams come true. 

Dive deep:
Get answers to the questions you’re asking, and ones you didn’t know you had. 

With other curious, amazing women. 

Spend ten days walking in a beautiful area of the world! 

Be so prepared, you can be fully present for this entire experience and soak up every drop. 

Step out of your comfort zone, and see all that you’re capable of doing. 

Quiet the mindset voices that say you can’t take the time, or walk the miles, or  . . .  


The journey starts NOW!



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Who is this right for?

This is for women who are ready to create change in their lives so they can play more and work less while still enjoying success. 

If that sounds like you, please join us.  

Why do this with Lisa?

I’ve walked the full Camino, and I did it while growing my coaching business.

I know how important structure & support & spirit (that's your mindset!) are in order to make any of your dreams happen. 

I'll guide you through the gaps you're struggling with so that you create key changes in your life.

I'll curate & assemble a group of other amazing women who will take this journey with us. There's magic when a group like this comes together. 

Together, we'll help you become 
more impactful with less effort so that you can grow whatever part of your life is important to you.

And have so much fun!

It’s not just a trip to Spain, it’s a transformative journey.

We’ll do it together.

The time on the Camino is the culmination of this experience. The journey starts well before our first day on the trail. 

Before we leave, you’ll receive support to get you & your life ready. You’ll get fitness training so you know your body is ready. You’ll become part of a curated group of other incredible women. 


Getting Ready

  • Get your life ready for this adventure with my Walk Your Way Program. Learn how to create much-needed structure & support in your life in our virtual group sessions. Get one-on-one coaching with Lisa to help address your personal needs. This is especially good for those who run their own business or have other big demands on their time. This sets you up to return from Spain without the overwhelm that often accompanies time away. 
  • You'll join our curated group of women, creating bonds that will continue to strengthen on our journey. We're traveling as friends, not as random strangers. 
  • This will not only prepare you for the trip, it’ll anchor you in your current life, helping you connect and have a richer experience. It’ll help you be the person who goes on adventures, however you define that. 
  • Get your body ready with our exclusive Camino Conditioning Program developed by a Certified Exercise Physiologist. This is fitness for our trip and for your life now. 
  • Get your gear ready with packing & preparation resources. Take that first step on the trail with confidence. 



  • Spend 11 days / 10 nights (September 16 - 26, 2025) walking on the Camino Portugués route.  This tour is just for our group so you'll know everyone there.
  • We’ll stay in charming 3-4 star hotels, manor houses and farm houses that offer the best in hospitality, comfort and location.
  • Every day we’ll enjoy delicious, nourishing food. Weather-permitting, this includes gourmet trailside picnics.
  • We have lots of support along the way, including a bilingual guide with a van, and a minibus that can carry your pack and provide check points for shorter walk options every day. 
  • Each day I will facilitate meaningful activities and conversations to help you connect more deeply with the experience and yourself.  
  • This 112km / 75 mile itinerary qualifies you for the Compostela certificate upon your arrival to Santiago (and bragging rights!)
  • By the time you step off the plane in Spain, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that your life & work back at home are running smoothly, your body is up for the challenge, and that you’re going to have a blast with your new friends.



After the adventure, reunite with your Camino friends at a virtual party!

Check out the itinerary and learn more about Fresco Tours here.


Walk Your Way coaching program, including virtual group sessions and one-on-one coaching with Lisa.


Stay in charming hotels, country manors and farm houses that offer the best in hospitality, comfort and location.


All of your nourishing meals, including trailside gourmet picnics.

On-Trail Support

Enjoy the expertise of our bilingual guide, and let the van carry your pack so you can simply enjoy yourself.

Group Magic

Join other badass women who'll cheer you on. Once home, enjoy a virtual reunion party.

Fitness Conditioning

Our exclusive Camino Conditioning training program will help get your body ready.


Feel confident that you're fully prepared with packing lists and preparation advice. 

To learn more, book your Camino Call now!